History Of Hanging Rock Apostolic Church Of God

Brother Orval Hankins
Elder Orval Hankins

     The first business meeting of the Pigeon Hollow Apostolic Church of God was held on April the 8th 1963. The elected trustees were Orval Hankins, Harrison Jenkins, Taylor Jenkins, Henry Bond, Bill Stephenson, Fred Walters, and Bill Hankins. The elected overseers were Orval Hankins(Pastor), and Harrison Jenkins(Assistant Pastor). After the dedication service, held April 21, 1963, the message of Salvation burned hot into the hearts of families and friends for miles around.

     Orval Hankins and Harrison Jenkins had both preached for years in the denominational movement, but the cry for freedom, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!" once again had prevailed. Orval Hankins as pastor led the Church for the next nine years, bringing the Apostolic message to all that would hear. On February 19, 1971, at the age of 71, pastor Hankins went to be with Lord.

Elder Taylor Jenkins
Elder Taylor Jenkins

     On May 17, 1971 Taylor Jenkins assumed the pastor ship. He and his wife, Barbara, dedicated their lives to the ministry. Under his ministry, the Church was truly on the move in the 70's and 80's. They traveled many miles preaching the Gospel and ministering to the sick. Elder Taylor started a tape ministry for the shut-ins and sponsored radio programs in Fort Gay WV, Catlettsburg KY, and Portsmouth OH. On August 12, 1979 Pastor Taylor Jenkins appointed Elder Douglas Bishop assistant pastor due to the vacancy left by the passing of Harrison Jenkins December 17, 1969.

     In 1989, the Church purchased property just north of Hanging Rock with the intent to construct a new building due to the congregation outgrowing, at that time, its current capacity. Construction began in April 1992, with everyone having a part in the work.

     On July 11, 1992 Pastor Taylor went to be with the Lord. Even with this devastating blow, the Church was determined to carry on the vision.

     In January 1993 the church was completed. They held their first dedication service on February 6, 1993. As of that date, the Church would assume a new name, 'The Hanging Rock Apostolic Church Of God'.

Elder Bill Vance
Elder Bill Vance

     For the next two years Brother Bill Vance was appointed Elder of the Church, he was assisted in the ministry by Brother Glenn Jenkins.

Elder Douglas Bishop
Elder Douglas Bishop

     On August 12, 1995 Elder Douglas Bishop, from Cannons Creek, Ohio assumed the responsibility of Pastor. He and his wife, Francis, dedicated their lives to the Church and the ministry of God. Elder Bishop's ministry had carried him in several states for over 30 years thus allowing him to spread God's word to all that he came in contact with. Pastor Bishop brought the Church back to its feet by his encouragement and guidance. After nine years and enduring an extended illness Brother Bishop went to be with the Lord on October 4, 2004.

     Due to Brother Bishop's illness, Brother Bill Hankins was appointed Elder of the Church in the spring of 2004. Elder Bill with his wife Rosemary have been with Church since her beginning in the 1950s. His wise encouragement, along with the ministering of the younger men held the Church steadfast for the next two years.

     On September 11, 2006 Elder Glenn A. Jenkins, from Ironton, Ohio assumed the responsibility of Bishop. At that time brother Glenn and his wife Cheri had been a part of the ministry here at the Church for about 20 years. He has served the Church as a minister, musician, Sunday School Teacher, and Deacon on the board of trustees. He was ordained an Elder October 9, 1996 by Elder Bishop. Over the years he has officiated most of the Churches weddings, funerals, and baptisms, along with the music and preaching he also started a web page called the Apostolic Trumpet(http://apostolictrumpet.com) and is committed to establishing truth through the site. To the present he still resides as the Church Bishop. Pastoring and feeding the flock and encouraging all that he can.