Praise the Lord. We would like to welcome you to the Apostolic Trumpet. We are glad! That you have stopped by for a visit. As we live in the latter days. It is our desire to sound the trumpet. In the bible we read that the trumpet was used for many things. It was used to call the elders together, the people together and to sound an alarm against the enemy. But we pray that this trumpet will be used to share the sound of Jesus Christ.

     We would like to sound his word on high. We would like to declare his name among many brethren .The purpose of apostolic trumpet is to make a sound that declares the testimony of Jesus Christ Although, this is an independent site we use it to share the ministry of our church, The Hanging Rock Apostolic Church of God. There are many different tools built within our site.

     We would like to share the sound of good preaching, teaching, and old fashion gospel singing. Just click and print bible studies and special links that will help you study the bible. Not to mention all the pictures and testimonies of good Christian folks that we worship with. As you browse through the tabs and the hyperlinks of each page. We pray that this site will be a sound of encouragement to you. Go to our contact tab and leave us a note or prayer request. We here at the church encourage everyone that lives in the Hanging Rock, Ohio area to come and worship with us.

God Bless You and Yours
Brother Glenn A. Jenkins